Online Library Management System provides power and productivity to small, medium and huge library centers. With this feature-rich Online LMS, there is never a need to worry on valuable data. All of your data, including archival data, remains instantly accessible all the time—with no system slowdown. Up-to-date information on books, members and status reports is just a click away. Broadcasting feature is added in the system to help not only the administrations but also the members in information dissemination. Security of data is never a question with multiple implementation procedures, from associating username to links the user is authorized to visit, access level rights, to recording of every transaction that the system is handling. Online LMS is user-friendly and valuable in giving much needed information, anytime, anywhere.


ALL In ONE System. Administration, Cataloging, Circulation, Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), Online Students Status Query (OSTQ), Bulletin Board, and Feedback System, all integrated in one system.

Online Student’s Status Query (OSSQ)
* allows students to check his/her borrowing status such as what book(s) are issued to him/her, overdue books, due dates, and updated fines.

Bulletin Board
* a page which serves as bulletin or announcement board allowing the administrator and library staff to post announce-ments or reminders visible to librarians only, to students, or everybody using the system.

Feedback System
* let everybody (whether member or nonmember) post comments about the system, and also recommend books which the user deemed important to be made available in the library.


• INTERNET Ready. Using the latest technology in software development, the system can be uploaded on the net without problem on its compatibility.

• Unlimited Users License. Only one license is needed for each institution installation. No need for licensing the clients to access the system.

• Multilevel Security Implementation through the use of username/password, no simultaneous logging in of one username, access level rights, limited attempts, and recording of transactions.

• Comprehensive Search Tool. With multiple search criteria set in the system, there is no need to know more data to get the information desired.

• Comprehensive Report Generation. Whatever type of report the library needs to generate are provided by the system.

• Personalized Info Page. Links for personal homepage showing personal info, membership status, book borrowing status, changing of password, and even announcement intended for you are provided giving fast and easy access to individual information.